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    EQT Midstream Partners Announced Q4 2012 Financials (NYSE: EQM)

    January 29 Jan 2013 | 10:28


    eqm EQT Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: EQM)

    EQM (“EQT”), an EQT Corporation company, previously reported Q4 2012 financial and operating results. Net income for the quarter totaled $20.2 million and adjusted EBITDA was $22.8 million. Distributable cash flow was $14.8 million for the quarter. Adjusted operating income when compared to the same quarter last year was higher by about $2.3 million, or 14%, excluding a $2.5 million non-cash favorable adjustment to fourth quarter selling, general and administrative expense related to the reduction of a reserve on the collectability of long-term regulatory assets.


    For more information on EQT Midstream Partners visit www.eqtmidstreampartners.com

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